Fun Sensory Play For Your Toddler

sensory gameDo you have a toddler at home aged between 1 – 3 years old? If you do, you’ll certainly know what I mean when I say that they are just a bundle of pure energy! My child is always grabbing things around the house and playing with them. He especially loves the remote control, my phone and pulling out drawers. To keep him busy (and to save my electronics!), I usually resort to these sensory activities.

I find that the simplest items you can easily find at home are the ones that keep them entertained for hours! My child’s favorite toy is a cube of ice. Yes, you read that right! He loves playing with ice cubes! He’ll grab the ice cubes and squeal as it is cold. He’ll also get excited to see it slowly melting down his hand.

Another fun and simple thing to do it to make dough with your child. Provide him or her with some flour in a bowl and let him enjoy running his hands through the soft fine flour. If he gets bored, you can add some water to turn the flour into dough! He may not know what to expect initially, you may thus want to show him how to mix and knead the flour into dough.

These simple games are great as they teach your toddler to use their fingers and palms to grab and mix things. They also start to explore new materials and learn new things in the process.